Grand + Belmont

Located at the heart of what makes Portland...Portland. This apartment community is a place where innovators, problem-solvers, thought-leaders and button-pushers thrive.

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Holeman & Finch

They are known for their burgers, so much so that the restaurant has changed its flooring 4 times since its opened due to grease on the floor! We made this email campaign to promote their "Five O'clock Shadow" happy hour.

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Luxe on Chicago

Another amazing building developed by CEI, one of the most successful residential developers in Chicago and LA. This project belongs to a collection of 15 websites developed by me over the past 5 years.

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Norton MDT

Norton Security

Take a trip to "Hackerville" or "The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet."
Convicted hackers talk worms, viruses, identity theft, and even
hacking Hillary Clinton's email.

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Math Leadership Corps

MLC is a collaborative, forward thinking and passionate organization. We worked together to improve their online presence looking for a modern and young yet “serious” look & feel.

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Catherine Santa Monica

This is a guide for the residents of Catherine Santa Monica Apartments with useful information about nearby retails, shopping, transport or restaurants down the street.

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Large impactful photography give us the ability to tell stories and build brand. Minimal and functional UI/UX, catering to 30-40 somethings who are looking to gear their kids with the brands they grew up and are currently passionate about.

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